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Allen Fletcher

CEO and Chairman

Allen Fletcher brings a background of law enforcement, security and legislative experience to the TECSIQ team. After retiring from a distinguished career as both a peace officer, and a hostage negotiator with the Houston Police Department, Fletcher founded a comprehensive security solutions business which is still in service after 17 years. Fletcher’s security company found quick success and was named, “The Fastest Growing Company” by the Houston Business Journal in 2007.

During this time, Fletcher was an active member of the Tomball Chamber of Commerce where he served as chairman of the board and, persuaded by popular demand by his community, ran for state representative in District 130. Fletcher retired from his legislative career as Chairman of Emerging Issues in Texas Law Enforcement after four legislative sessions and seven special sessions.

Fletcher co-founded TECSIQ with a vision to enable law enforcement entities to more efficiently manage their assets in the field with a modern, beneficial service to jurisdictions statewide. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in police science and law enforcement, and a Master of Science degree in criminal justice management from Sam Houston State University.

Stuart Tillman

Chief Operating Officer

Stuart Tillman brings his passion for technology and entrepreneurial vision to the forefront of the TECSIQ team. After spending the first half of his career in public accounting and asset based lending, Tillman founded TriPoint Partners (TPP) in 1997. TPP is a boutique merchant banking firm focused on enabling the entrepreneur to navigate through various stages of the business development life cycle. Tillman has invested in, and managed, businesses across several sectors with a priority focus on bringing new technologies to market, particularly in the energy and software industries.

Tillman, being an original financier of longtime friend and former state Representative Allen Fletcher’s security business startup, recognized the opportunity to apply technology solutions to law enforcement and worked to streamline police officer protocols. He co-founded TECSIQ with the vision of applying systems and technology from other industries to modernize many outdated processes that have become burdensome to law enforcement agencies.

Tillman is a certified public accountant and has served in a variety of capacities, including chairman, CEO, chief financial officer and investor across numerous companies.

Tillman earned bachelors’ degrees in business and industrial engineering at Lamar University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business.

Steven Langley

Senior Technology Consultant

Steven Langley is the technology expert on the TECSIQ executive team. With more than 20 years of experience in every aspect of technology within a company, Langley has continued to find success by turning disparate technologies into seamless systems. An expert in cloud-based communications, compliance applications and contact center technologies, he is a seasoned veteran at architecting and designing end-to-end solutions.

Previously, Langley served as the senior technology consultant of a high-growth data and customer service analytics solutions company. Serving some of the largest companies in the insurance, aviation and waste management sectors, he oversaw the design, development and execution of technology implementations for contact centers.

After graduating high school early, Langley joined the U.S. Marines where he laid the foundation of his future endeavors. As a crypto engineer, he monitored, transcribed and translated intercepted target communications, while also handling the repair of the cryptographic communications system. The majority of Langley’s time in the Marines was based in Japan, though his expertise in implementing technologies for companies worldwide required Langley to live and work around the globe.