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Our Mission

TECSIQ’s vision is to update and streamline processes that enable law enforcement agencies to focus on public safety priorities and serve the community.

Leadership Team

Our team is passionate about using the latest technology innovations to keep officers in the field, and provide a better experience for the local community.

Allen Fletcher


Allen Fletcher brings a background of law enforcement, security and legislative experience to the TECSIQ team. After retiring from a distinguished career as both a peace officer…
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Stuart Tillman


Stuart Tillman brings his passion for technology and entrepreneurial vision to the forefront of the TECSIQ team. After spending the first half of his career in public accounting and…
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Steven Langley


Steven Langley is the technology expert on the TECSIQ executive team. With more than 20 years of experience in every aspect of technology within a company, Langley has continued…
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Here are answers to the most common questions people ask about warrants, payments and how our technology works.

Class C misdemeanors are the lowest level of criminal offense in Texas – for example most traffic tickets are Class C misdemeanors. A warrant is issued when the offender fails to appear in court on the date designated in the citation affiliated with the Class C misdemeanor. Capias pro fine are warrants issued after the defendant, having previously appeared before a judge, defaults on an agreement with the court.

TECSIQ covers this cost for the basic cell phone service. If the jurisdiction decides to use the device in a more robust manner to accommodate other uses then they may be subject to pay for additional data usage.
On a case-by-case basis TECSIQ can easily accommodate this request by locating a dedicated server in your IT environment.

If an offender cannot make an immediate payment, they will be presented with the option to agree to a Standard Payment Program. Once agreed to the Standard Payment Program, the offender will have certain amount of days, set by each court, to appear in front of a judge to satisfy due process.

The Texas courts are authorized by the Collection Improvement Program to offer a Standard Payment Program that can be made available through the application in the event the individual is unable to make the immediate payment.

TECSIQ never takes dominion of the jurisdiction funds. The funds are wired directly into the courts’ accounts through a secure merchant account provided at no additional fee.

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